Gratin Markets: this quality represents 10% of total merchandise cavée (raised through the pig or the dog) on the best terroirs. Formerly it was called TRUFFLE brushed SURCHOIX “in the towel” because it was presented by luxurious restaurants in a towel. Its shape is almost round; it is calibrated at the customer’s choice.



The first guarantee of its quality is the canifage: consistent notch made on the body of the fruit to the examination of its interior quality, its marbling, texture and color. But canifage is not enough: we must palpate the fruit in all its periphery to detect (it is the artisant talent) the truffle hiden vice because 9 out of 10 have an imperfection, serious or light.

  • A lack of firmness for example, reveals the heart of the fruit a honeycomb hollow of a mold (common disease of old truffle) or a jelly area, or a presence of worms(the truffle is still underground and is a common target  for parasites) or an excess of maturity.
  • Excessive firmness reveals the presence of a network of tiny roots which afforest the truffle: this requires to spray the fruit in cracks.


Extra used of brushed truffles : restoration, retail fresh or conserved in boxes in delicatessen and luxury food, manufacturing, luxury truffled