Homemade Truffle Butter


The Recipe

1 – Pour the cold liquid cream into the mixer. Start by whisking it slowly to avoid splashing. Little by little, the cream rises and turns into whipped cream. Continue whisking, gradually increasing the speed.


2 – When the cream starts to turn yellow, slow down the mixer a little, as the butter will form quickly and whey may splatter. Once the butter is separated from the whey, stop the mixer.


3 – Place the sieve strainer on a bowl and lay out a clean cloth. Pour the butter into the sieve with the whey. Raise the sides of the tea towel and squeeze the lump of butter to extract the whey. You can also keep it for soups, pancakes, etc.


4 – We thus obtain approximately 355 g of soft butter. Cut your truffle very finely, add it with the lump of butter and your fleur de sel in the cul de poule. Mix with a spatula to incorporate everything evenly.


5 – Unroll your cling film, form a sausage with the truffled butter and roll it up like a ballotine. Make sure it is well packed. Place it in a cool place for 24 to 72 hours so that it takes on the flavors of the truffle. You can keep it for a good week in the fridge and up to several months in the freezer if it is well packaged.