The Croc’truffé


The Recipe

1 – Start by chopping half the truffle very finely. For the other half, make nice slices and set aside. Chop the shallots and 2 slices of white ham. Cut the slices of bread as well as some thin slices of Comté cheese and keep some of the Comté cheese to grate on the croque at the end.

With a little virgin oil, sweat the shallots, add a pinch of salt and pepper.

In a saucepan, heat your cream with the chopped truffle and the two slices of white ham. At the first boil, stop cooking and put everything in the blender.


2 – Once the ham and truffle cream has been mixed, pass it through a sieve. Keep the “thick” cream warm in a water bath. You can also keep the liquid cream flavored with ham and truffle, it will be used to soak your sandwich bread.


3 – Assembly: Place 16 slices of bread flat on your work surface. On each slice, drizzle your liquid cream flavored with truffle and ham. Then spread the heavy cream, add a little grated nutmeg and pepper. On 8 slices of bread, place half of your Comté cheese, your slices of truffles and then your slices of white ham. Put back a few slices of the remaining truffles and the other half of the Comté.

Finally, place your other 8 slices of bread on top.


4 – Heat a pan with a little butter. Spread a little butter on each outer side of your croques. When the pan is hot, place your croque-monsieurs two by two (This is equivalent to one portion. Yes, it’s greedy!)

Sauté your croques for 2 to 3 minutes on each side over medium heat, checking for a nice golden brown.

Once out of the pan, layer them, grate a little Comté cheese on top, then cut in half.