The different truffles
& their species

Black truffle, summer truffle, Chinese truffle… Discover all the species with different properties that we treat.
From French truffles to truffles from beyond our borders.

Black truffles

Truffles of Périgord

Or Melanosporum truffles, our specialty and the star of the gastronomy.

Tuber Brumale

From the same family as its prestigious cousin, strong musk smell and less subtlety than the “Melanosporum”.

Summer Truffle

Tuber Aestivum

Mushroom and undergrowth scent, with a nutty taste on some of the varieties


Tuber Indicum

This species, discovered in China at the end of the 20th century, is harvested from mid-November to the end of January. Its taste is not at all pronounced and it has very little odor. On the other hand, its aspect is close to that of the black winter truffle even if its veins are finer and tighter. This truffle is interesting because of its lower cost.

Southern Hemisphere TRUFFLE

Black truffles | Tuber Melanosporum

Same fragrance and taste as its European relative

After washing, sorting and selection

The different categories

Extra brushed truffle: whole, ripe and almost round
First choice brushed truffle: whole, ripe and of random shape
Piece of truffle: pieces of a truffle that have been partially altered
Truffle skin: skin of the truffle
Truffle breakage: all small parts pulverized


Provenance of the different truffles

Although Maison Gaillard is one of the last companies to buy mainly from French truffle growers, over the years it has developed a varied network of suppliers who go beyond our borders.
These different origins allow us to benefit from truffles from different terroirs but also to have a simpler position in front of climatic hazards.